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Enthronement of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary

Is Jesus Knocking at Your Door?

When Jesus was among us in the flesh He taught with the power and wisdom of a Divine King and left the Gospel message and His presence in the Eucharist for us to partake of so that we may enter His Divine Kingdom. Why then do we relegate Him and His Grace and power to 45 minutes a week in His Church…why do we not invite Him into the place where we live…in our home where we can acknowledge Him as King …as King of our domestic church; so that we may be able to partake of His presence in our lives on a continuous basis. In those days when Jesus was among us, among the disciples… He taught in the synagogue, but also in the midst of towns and in people’s homes. For hundreds of years gatherings were held in homes and other secret places so that people could avoid persecution. Even when Christianity became accepted and Churches were built, some devout followers were allowed to keep the Blessed Sacrament in their homes.
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