Is Jesus Knocking at Your Door?

When Jesus was among us in the flesh He taught with the power and wisdom of a Divine King and left the Gospel message and His presence in the Eucharist for us to partake of so that we may enter His Divine Kingdom.

Why then do we relegate Him and His Grace and power to 45 minutes a week in His Church…why do we not invite Him into the place where we live…in our home where we can acknowledge Him as King …as King of our domestic church; so that we may be able to partake of His presence in our lives on a continuous basis.

In those days when Jesus was among us, among the disciples…He taught in the synagogue, but also in the midst of towns and in people’s homes. For hundreds of years gatherings were held in homes and other secret places so that people could avoid persecution. Even when Christianity became accepted and Churches were built, some devout followers were allowed to keep the Blessed Sacrament in their homes.

If we are to live our faith as a way of life…then we will want to keep Jesus in our hearts and minds throughout our day and in the midst of our family living at home.

That is what Enthronement means …to bring Christ forward in a bold yet gentle way…to place an image of His Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for all to see as a witness that we live a life in Christ and that we are proud to display our heart’s greatest wish before others.

People can ask themselves - Is Jesus knocking at my door? Does Jesus want to occupy a greater role in my life? If so, then I must invite Him in.

If I am not living my faith to the fullest of my ability; if I am not doing all I can to surrender my will to that of Jesus, then one day I will have to answer why. But I hope that I am answering the call of Jesus for my life, and I highly recommend it to everyone who desires to follow Christ. There is peace and joy and meaningful struggle in living the way of Christian Faith.

What better lesson could we give our children than to serve as faithful examples of living disciples of Jesus in our homes where we teach our children their most essential lessons and where we gather to celebrate at family gatherings…We can place Jesus in the midst of all that blessed activity; We can bring the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the forefront of our engagement with life…in the home; We can place Jesus on the Throne there and dethrone all other forces that would work to bring faith down and to destroy lives. We can place Jesus on the Throne of our life’s activities.

We are struggling against many forces in today’s world; forces that would destroy our faith if they could; forces that desire to steal the hearts and minds of our young. The closer we are to Jesus the more protected we are from evil, the more chance we have to enter the Kingdom of God, the more peace and joy we may partake of every day, in the midst of our life.

Enthronement is a simple process, but a very powerful one, that brings the blessings of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother into our home in a special way. Intention can create great blessings, so when we have the intention of wanting Jesus to be the King of our home and of our lives, He answers with a shower of graces that can drastically change our lives, and the lives of our family creating the healing that is so often needed.

The Enthronement Guild of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary have made the Enthronement process simple and accessible to all who desire to place the Blessed Hearts at the center of their lives within their homes. The Enthronement Mass allows for those interested in enthroning their homes and families the ability to come to the Mass and bring their own images or use those that are provided in their Enthronement Packet, to be blessed and ready to be enthroned in the special place of their selection in their homes. At Mass, they will participate in the special Enthronement Prayers of Consecration and when they return home they simply place the image(s) and say the suggested prayers and the process is complete.

The renewal prayers provided can be prayed daily by the individual or family or a rosary or others prayers prayed at the convenience of the family. There are really no requirements, other than the sincere acknowledgement of Jesus as King of their lives and the desire to do what the family can to live their Catholic Faith.

All new Enthroning families are given the option to join the Guild for a very small membership fee, and invited to participate in the annual Mass and Dinner on the vigil of the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Two Apostolates are also available for those interested; The Apostolate of the Sick and Suffering and The Night Adoration in the home Apostolate.

For More Information Contact:
Maria Pappa (Coordinator)
Enthronement Guild of the Sacred Hearts
P.O. Box 324
Chinchilla, PA 18410-0324